Domestic Stained Glass Windows

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Stained Glass

Artisan Glass Studio provides clients all over Leinster with the very highest standards of stained glass design, manufacturing and installation.

Our team of experts work in collaboration with the clients to create just the right piece for their private, commercial, religious or public premise.
Using traditional manufacturing methods and techniques – which have been passed down from generation to generation – our team create beautiful, elegant pieces that add a flourish of old-world charm to any home or business.

Stained Glass Design

The design phase of stained glass manufacturing is a collaborative effort between our design team and the client.

Our design team provide a range of stained glass options to allow the client to focus their thinking and communicate a clear, actionable vision for their bespoke piece. Our team make recommendations based on the client’s ideas, the practicalities of the installation and on the budget.

Stained glass Manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing processes

We use traditional manufacturing processes to create beautiful stained glass that is designed to catch the light and create an ambient, relaxing atmosphere within a space. We create stained glass for both interior windows and exterior windows.

stained glass Installation

Our professional installation procedures are designed to protect both the manufactured piece and the installation area.

Our team work quickly to cause the minimum amount of disruption the running of a household or a business as possible, whilst never compromising the integrity and quality of the fitting.

Stained Glass Glazing

The expertise of our team means that we can offer clients stained glass glazing options to increase the energy efficiency of their properties:

Our energy services include:

  • Double Stained Glass Glazing

  • Triple Stained Glass Glazing

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Domestic Stained Glass Windows FAQ

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