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Fan Lights Glass

Artisan Glass Studio specialise in fan lights glass installations, design and repairs for private, commercial and ecclesiastical clients in Dublin, Wicklow and Leinster.

We are hugely experienced in repairing and replacing fan lights glass thanks to our heritage as a second generation stained glass company. Paying particular attention to rich architectural traditions and providing period-appropriate fan lights glass restorations is a huge motivation for our team when working with customers throughout Leinster. 

Every effort possible is made to retain as much of the original materials as possible during any restorations. We also try and use period-appropriate replacement glass where possible.

When it comes to fan lights, we possess the expertise, manpower and resources to complete installations and repairs to the highest of professional standards.

Fan lights Glass Repair

Our professional team of experts offer customers the very highest standard of repairs.

Combining the very latest repair and replacement techniques with our decades of experience, we can quickly and efficiently restore the elegance of your features.

Fan Lights Glass Restorations

We help clients return their fan lights to their former glory.

Using period-appropriate materials and repair techniques, we can seamlessly replace panels, repair panelling damage and restore dulled glass.

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